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  • Please complete the application form with all your contact details, number of persons, mails and telephone number.
  • Minimum attendance of 15 persons is required to organize the visit. Please in order to confirm the arrangement, or any unexpected changes (due to weather, lack of quorum, so on..), contact us three days before the date.
  • On Friday, list of admissions is closed.
  • Before the date by every Friday, a circulation mail is forwarded to inform the visitors , the meeting points, timetable and general recommendations regarding the issue.
  • It is quite important to make the reservation, providing full contact details, mail, and phone number just in case of cancellation.
  • General guidance and information will be provided at the meeting point.
  • Transportation is not covered by the company. Mobilisation will be made by own vehicles.
  • GeoTour starts normally at 8.30am, and finish between 3-4pm. Therefore water and some food are required.


  • Childrens under 14 years must be supported by their adults/responsible. This is not under the responsibility of the organizers.
  • The organizers are not the responsible of any individual, unacceptable, rash, risky, or rude behaviour on site. It is not the responsibility of the organization any risky behaviour which not attend  the general recommendations and instructions of the organizer, and may endanger the group, or the organization.
  • Allergic persons, or any sort of illness which can turn unable to practice sport, must be inmediately informed to monitors.


  • Hat and sunglasses are highly recommended.
  • Water !!. PLEASE REMEMBER THE SPANISH SUN IS very strong.
  • Meals, drinks and water are highly recommended.
  • Trekking boots and suitable shoes are required.
  • If any hiking across rivers or flooding areas, impervious boots and a pair of sockets are recommended.
  • If any visit to mines or underground works, protective helmet, boots, glooves, torch and batteries are highly required.


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