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27th October 2016. Blue quartz from Antequera ophite. An exclusive and rare Spanish mineralogical record

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In 1996, close to the neighbourhood of Antequera village, an interesting outcrops set of green subvolcanic rock named ophite (dolerite)containing fantastic mineralization of blue quartz crystals, were discovered. Along the blue quartz veins and joint fillings some others minerals like aerinite, hematite, ankerite, gypsum and siderite were also identified. Such…

16th October 2016. Hiking and geo-tour to the Taffonis at Peñas de Cabrera (Casabermeja)

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The last geotour at Peñas de Cabrera (Casabermeja) noted an exceptional natural heritage assemblage in our mountains which were highly remarked by the Taffonis. Those, a metric cavities excavated by the wind action on Permian siliceous sandstones (230 Mll.years), where the settlement of ancient prehistoric communities dated from Copper age…

10th October 2016. Site visit Los Jarales de Carratraca. Mining Heritage

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This site visit exposes the losing of local mining heritage in Málaga province, in such case, ancient chromium-nickel mines “Pozo San Juan and Los Jarales district”  at Carratraca village,  which were mined since early middle of XIX century (1852). During the stage 1940-1960, those mines were worked actively by the…

6th October 2016. Minerals and Treasures of the Earth geological classroom and exhibition empowers the principles and efforts of the Spanish Society for the protection of mining-geological national heritage

The past site visit to the Iron mine El Peñoncillo (Marbella) as a part of our local mining heritage, established the message that we are losing our history and geological heritage. The mine which was the reason of the first high smelting furnace in Spain during XIX century (1826) was…

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